the problem



For decades, New Jersey has been plagued with inefficient infrastructure, bad roads and even worse travel times. Then-Governor Thomas Kean had a master plan to improve our transportation network all the way back in 1989, but short-sighted and obstructive leaders have failed to deliver on the State’s promise to us ever since. Almost 3 decades later, the condition of New Jersey’s roads remains a massive detriment to our state, its residents, and its economy. Continue below to find the problems we believe we can solve.



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New Jersey Ranks at the bottom: 47th In The Nation For Commute Times

New Jersey Ranks 47th In The Nation For Traffic Congestion.

New Jersey Ranks 42nd In The Nation For Road Safety.

New Jersey Ranks 46th In The Nation For Road & Bridge Infrastructure.

New Jersey Received A D+ Grade For Overall Infrastructure By The American Society Of Civil Engineers.

Current Infrastructure Overwhelmingly Favors New York City Access At The Expense Of New Jersey.