Our Plan



It’s time for New Jersey to take action by investing in smart, cost-effective infrastructure projects to improve traffic flow on major highways and local streets to ease the burden on commuters.

The North Jersey Traffic Bypass will add additional capacity for vehicles, divert traffic flow away from local streets, and reduce idling time. The North Jersey Traffic Bypass will be a long awaited solution for commuters looking for a rapid fix.




The NJTB will provide an adequate access way for both south and north bound waterfront commuters from the NJ Turnpike and Routes 1+9,  finally delivering adequate access for north and south bound commuters to the Hudson Waterfront, relieving pressures on surrounding feeder roadways and local streets, and reducing idle time.



Waterfront Direct: Exit 14D



The goal of a new waterfront direct exit would be to provide a direct access way to the Hudson Waterfront and for northbound commuters. This exit would relieve pressure on the Holland Tunnel Approach Roadway, add to the road’s capacity and reduce the pressure on surrounding feeder roadways and streets. The new traffic would enter via 12th Street, under the existing ramp.



Jersey Avenue Overpass




The Jersey Avenue Overpass would provide an adequate alternative access way for northbound waterfront Commuters that would mitigate traffic and congestion issues from tunnel-bound traffic. The overpass would separate commuters going towards the Holland Tunnel from those going to the Waterfront and help to reduce pressure on surrounding feeder roadways.




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