Tired of sitting traffic? So are we. As commuters and concerned residents, we need to take action NOW to let Trenton know that we must improve traffic and congestion in New Jersey. We need to take a stand by undertaking common sense infrastructure projects to improve quality of life. Join the New Jersey Commuters Alliance today and and let your local representative know it’s time to invest in a better commute for New Jersey!


New Jersey has the nation’s:

  • 3rd worst traffic congestion
  • 3rd worst commute times
  • 9th worst road and highway quality
  • 9th most dangerous roads and highways
  • F grades across the state in air quality from the American Lung Association


New Jersey’s lack of action is:

  • Injuring the quality of life for residents across the state
  • Exposing residents to health and safety risks from traffic accidents and air pollution with major health impacts
  • Hindering potential economic growth from countless job sectors


Common sense infrastructure projects that vastly reduce commute times, increase quality of life for residents, and stimulate economic activity throughout New Jersey need a “green light.”

To meet this goal, we call on our elected officials and the trustees of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) to take a crucial first step in this process by allocating necessary funding for the North Jersey Traffic Bypass - a project designed to immediately reduce traffic in one of the state’s busiest commuter corridors.